Worth Checking Out – NewInZurich.com

by Zurich Expats on September 25, 2012


Worth Checking Out – NewInZurich.com

NewInZurich is  website dedicated to the same audience as ours - people living in or moving to Zurich. We asked them for some info on the site, here is what they have in store for you. We certainly recommend paying them a visit:

You’ve just arrived in Zurich and using your best German you ask for directions from the train station.  The person you’re addressing seems to understand you  - yippee!  – but the reply you get is full on "Züridütsch" and you don't understand a word!  You put your rubbish out just like everyone else on ‘bin day’ and as you have some spare black bin liners left over from the move you use those up - but in the evening when you return from work everyone else’s rubbish has been collected – but yours is still there! You’ve only been driving a couple of

weeks and you’ve already amassed a number of speeding tickets – where ARE they coming from and how can you avoid any more! You’ve been invited to your neighbour’s Apero and as you’re thirsty you start drinking the proffered wine glass straight away - but when you look round everyone is staring at you and nobody else has had a drop! If any other these issues are similar to encounters that you may already have experienced then NewInZurich is here to help! NewInZurich is familiar with all the situations you might experience when arriving in Zurich for the first time and we provide Welcome Talks and Workshops to help you deal with the practical side of life. We explain some of the unwritten ‘rules’ so that you can find your way round this beautiful city and feel at home in the shortest time possible. Ourtalks and Workshops are for individuals, couples, families, as well as school and companies, and they can be held in the comfort of your own home or in your office, or at one of at our locations. We know great places to eat, where to buy the things you crave and can recommend brilliant days out for all the family. We can even take you on historic tours of Zurich. What's more, we have a website NewInZurich.com filled with practical information as well as ideas on new places to go and things to do. Trust us - you will never have a dull moment in Zurich! NewInZurich - we’re here to make you feel at home and enjoy Zurich to the full!

We are always interested in sources of information for our audience so if you have a site of interest, please get in touch.

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