Call For Comments: What Twitter Accounts Do You Follow?

by Zurich Expats on February 1, 2011


Call For Comments: What Twitter Accounts Do You Follow?

Twitter is an invaluable resource for many communities and the expat community in Zurich is well


We are compiling a list of the most useful twitter accounts to follow for expats inZurich and Switzerland.

What twitter accounts do you follow? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Great question! All of the above, and:\r\n\r\n@ZurichMuseums – news about exhibitions etc\r\n@habitusnet – small business and tech-focussed (disclaimer: I work for them)\r\n@m_hof – NZZ journalist reporting on environmental and social policy\r\n@zurcherart – tech, social media, lifestyle\r\n@wetter_zh – speaks for itself :)\r\n@swissinfo_en – news\r\n@swissjourno – news (maybe this is what Christian meant in the first entry on his list?)\r\n@scarponio – architecture

  • @swuaajourno –> Swiss news\r\n@dicconb –> Swiss Watching\r\n@MyKugelhopf –> Food\r\n@aodt –> Art & Museums\r\n@SwissTourism –> Tourism\r\n@SWISS_OffersCH –> Flight deals\r\n@ExpatExpo –> Info from other Expats\r\n@laughinglemon –> Seasonal cooking\r\n@marathonsprache –> Language and events\r\n@ZURICH4YOU –> All things Expat in Zurich\r\n@LtdEdWines –> New World Wines in Zurich/Bern\r\n@david_a_butler –> Children’s Entertainment in CH\r\n@JackVincent –> Motivational ideas\r\n@anniessushi –> Making Sushi in Switzerland

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