Watch TV And Movies From Back Home

This might turn out to be our most popular post! Of course, we all have things that we miss from back home and with the explosion of Internet TV and Movie services, it can sometimes feel like we are missing out on these as they cannot be accessed from outside of our home nations. Well, now they can. In the past I have had a set up that routed certain traffic through a personal proxy

machine in the UK in order to use the likes of BBC iPlayer from Zurich. It worked fine but was more of a tech challenge than a robust solution that I could recommend to someone else.For the past year, we have used one service that took about 15 minutes to set up and has been running rock solid ever since. We can watch BBC iPlayer and other UK TV catch up services, Amazon Prime Audioand Video, Netflix (from any country) as if we were based in that country. And yes, I did say, Netflix from any country.The service we use is called UnoTelly.You change one setting on your Internet Router and you are done. After that, you use their online console to select your apparent location for different services, so you could choose to use the UK for BBC iPlayer, The USA for Hulu and Netflix and

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