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Amazing Zurich Apartment Scams On Craigslist

One thing to certainly be aware of if you are apartment hunting is scam postings on Craigslist. These are highly organised operations and exist purely to relieve you of your money.

You start to picture the situation of your wonderful luxurious apartment, inviting friends over and regaling them with the tale of how you picked up a wonderful bargain on Craigslist. The truth is, unfortunately, that the story you will end up with is one you will never want to tell anyone – of how you were totally scammed out of a deposit by a West African fraudster.

Take this ad for example:

I have two lovely bedrooms flat available for rent at the central heart of Zurich..It is available for rent presently.

DETAILS ABOUT MY APARTMENT……….Address : Falkenstrasse 10, Zurich 8008, Switzerland.\r\nSize of the Whole Apartment :85 m square

Number of bedrooms:2

Number of bathrooms:2

Floor:Ground floor.

Monthly rental price: 800chf for the whole apartment including all bills

Security Deposit: 1200chf

Pictures available:YES


Equiped Kitchen,washing Machine,American Kitchen Fridge & Freezer Oven,Microwave Dish Washer Crockery & Utensils,Bath Shower Hair Dryer,Towels

Extra features

Internet Dial Up, Internet Broadband Cable/Satelite

TV,Stereo/Radio System DVD Player,DVD/Music Collection

Central Heating Air Conditioning

Pets Welcome






Washer/Dryer Hookups

Included in Rent:




Covered Parking



Laundry Facilities\r\nInterior:


Internet Access

Storage Area/Room

Tenant Criteria:

Pets Allowed


Fenced Yard

Near To:

Bus Stop





Shopping CenterCraigslist Apartment Scam


This may well be the most well-appointed apartment in the world. Look what wonderful pictures!

It is “available” for 800CHF.

Compare it with this list of actual places for rent in Zurich for 800CHF

The premise is simple. if it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

Zurich Expat Launches Money Saving iPhone Application

The team behind zurichexpats.com has launched its first application for the iPhone – Cashflake.

Cashflake is the iPhone application that helps you reduce your debt by introducing the concept of snowflaking to the iPhone (very appropriate for Switzerland!).

Every day, you have the opportunity to make tiny savings from making different buying choices. Not buying a coffee on the way to work, packing your own lunch instead of eating out, taking the tram instead of a taxi.

These small savings all seem insignificant but when organised together can make a significant dent in your debt. Many snowflakes eventually cover a mountain!

Cashflake allows you to record, store and report on these savings so that you can keep track of what you have saved and use that amount to make extra payments on credit cards, loans or just sweep into a savings account.

“Every rappen counts!” says Andrew Buonocore, “The cost of living in Switzerland can be very high but there are ways you can save money and if you do take advantage of deals and bargains then why not use the money saved over here to reduce any debt you may have back home?”.

Importantly, the currency symbol is configurable.

Used in conjunction with the Comparis Bargains application, a powerful set of money saving tools is developing.

Cashflake – the iPhone application that helps reduce your debt is available worldwide for the currency equivalents of $0.99. Click here to download it from the Apple AppStore.