Stickers And Labels For Kids – StickerKid!

We are happy to present StickerKid to you – the leading brand in Switzerland for high quality, personalized name labels for children. The second good news: made a special deal with StickerKid just for you! All clients get a special 30% discount off all StickerKid products until the end of May 2014.Founded 10 years ago, StickerKid has built up a strong reputation in the region for providing durable, 100% Swiss-made name labels, which help to identify children’s clothes, shoes, toys and other belongings that are all too easily lost in playgrounds, at kindergarten, at school or in summer camps.  What makes the personalized stickers unique is, besides the excellent Swiss quality, the wide range of options you can choose from. You are able to add the text you want, you can select between a variety of colors, logos, shapes and you can even upload photos and logos yourself to make the labels even more unique. Guaranteed for 10 years, StickerKid’s labels withstand extreme outdoor temperatures, including hot summer days at the beach as well as cold wintry weather. They are scratch resistant, so that sand or other outdoor activities of your little heroes do not harm the labels. Not only resistant to sport or outdoor activities, they also withstand the

rigors of the dishwasher, microwave or freezer. StickerKid’s iron-on labels have been created to withstand 45 rounds of washing at high temperature (up to 60°), but can also be removed without harming the fabric should you wish to pass on the clothes to another child.Stickerkid-medium sticker-bagDoerthe and Chris, the new owners of StickerKid explain the history of the company to us: ”StickerKid was founded by Mark, a good friend of ours, who saw the need for personalized labels with his own kids. His sons were little ‘magicians’ who managed to lose all their toys, some clothes and even shoes. As lost items added up, so did the frustration of re-buying things (not to mention the stress when a favourite cuddly toy went missing). Michael, a brilliant engineer and computer expert joined the team and together they developed StickerKid, the technology and processes behind our products.” Chris continued, “The technology and quality of our StickerKid stickers and labels is really unique. The team has spent 7 years to identify the right materials, define and optimize the production process and test the quality of the products over years in any possible condition. But the time spent perfecting the products have been worth it. Our StickerKidlabels are now a favourite choice amongst Swiss parents looking for a long-lasting solution to marking their children’s clothes and belongings!” StickerKid offers a range of products to suit all eventualities. Next to the classic starter-sets, the back-to-school- sets or the stickers for shoes or the iron-on stickers they also provide bracelets. You can mention all important information as allergies, emergency-contacts, etc. on them. New this year, are StickerKid’s photo stickers, which can be personalized with a photo of your child. You can easily upload a photo, or a logo, via the StickerKid website. Fabulous to make your labels even more personal and unique. This personalized photo stickers help to ensure toys, school and sport equipment to be returned safely to you from e.g. playground, school or sleep-overs. Whilst many of you may already have used StickerKid’s labels in the past, the chances are that you will have not placed any orders through the company’s new owners.

So to introduce themselves to our clients, Chris and Doerthe are offering clients a special 30% discount off any orders made before the end of June 2014. Just use the special code “Zurichexpats_2014” when placing your order on their website. The offer is valid for all orders made in Switzerland.

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