Not Alone In Zurich Booklet

A new publication is available for women moving to Zurich.

Elisabeth Giovanoli tells us:

"As two foreigners living in Zürich, coming from Vienna and from Madrid, we thought it would be helpful for other women to share our integration experience.

A new culture, a new language, a new environment… For none of us has been easy getting around here, however there

are tools and valuable information that can improve our day-to-day adaptation to Zürich and to the Swiss life in general. We both have a background in communication and we strongly believe that information is the key that opens the door to many things!

In our booklet you can find a few helpful tips, to make new friends, to improveyour chances of getting a job and resolve whatever obstacle you may encounter during your time in Zürich."

The project was supported from Stadt Zürich – Stadtentwicklung.

The distribution of additional copies is FREE of charge.

You can download the Not Alone In Zurich booklet HERE.

You can also receive the booklet at the Intergrationsförderung Stadthaus Zürich, 4. Stock

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