Do You Miss The Magazines From Back Home?

by Zurich Expats on September 13, 2013


Do You Miss The Magazines From Back Home?

As an expat living in Zurich, getting the things you are used to "back home" can be difficult and / or expensive. One of the things that fall into this category is magazines. If you have tried to buy your favourite magazines in Zurich you know it's not an easy task. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or miss articles about tips for a successful Halloween, sifting through the selection at the Kiosk, HB or the airport can be fruitless or shocking when you look at the price label! There is an answer, ZinioZinio lets you subscribe to digital versions of the magazines you love and read them wherever you are via your web browser or mobile

device. And we have 9 FREE annual subscriptions to ANY publication available on Zinio for readers! We have checked it out and found it a great way of keeping one of your home comforts with you. The selection of magazines is as good as any newsstand and you will even save money on the cover price, not to mention avoid the hefty shipping costs which in the case of physical magazine subscriptions can be more than the cost of the magazine itself. Zinio is a great way to keep up with your interests, in a way that fits in with your lifestyle. You don't need to carry magazines around, you can have your whole library in the palm ofyour hand. If you would like to be in with a chance of winning one of the FREE Zinio subscriptions, just do the following: 


    1. Visit Zinio and decide which publication you would like to subscribe to


    1. Fill in the form below



 That's it! We will be drawing the winners on October 15th 2013 and if you have won one of the free subscriptions, you will be contacted by Zinio. In addition, Zinio offers an option called Z-Pass which allows you to read any 3 magazines each month for just $5 per month:300x250_zpassDisclosure: has received one annual subscription for their use.

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