It’s Good To Be The King (Of The Dreikönigskuche)

by Zurich Expats on January 6, 2012


It’s Good To Be The King (Of The Dreikönigskuche)

I am the King!Today, January 6th, sees people across Switzerland buying their Dreikönigskuchen (three kings cake) and sharing them with friends and family. Similar to the ha'penny in an English Christmas pudding, finding the King is considered good luck. I am

pleased to say that I just picked the piece of cake with the King in it and here he is -- 20120106-101329.jpgIt was tense, of the six pieces (the centre piece never contains the King), only two were left meaning that if I chose wrongly then only theKing piece would remain. Although I have to admit that a low carb start to 2012 means I didn't eat the cake.Note that if you accept responsibility to get the cake, don't let your colleagues down, it is something that is genuinely looked forward to and get the traditional fruit instead of chocolate!

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