Interior Design Courses In Zurich

After a successful year hosting Interior Design courses and workshops in Geneva, CREATIVS have expanded their operation to provide Design Coaching (in English), to the local Zurich market and surrounding area. If you enjoy Interior Design and would like professional coaching, CREATIVS offers a range of learning experiences from comprehensive courses to one-day workshops, all popular with non-professional lovers of design.

Interior Design Course:

The ‘DESIGNED BY YOU COURSE’ (20 hours) will explore the golden rules of design, the details that make

the difference and teach you how to get the best value for money. Enjoy theoretical sessions and practical exercises focused on your individual project.

Interior Design Workshops:

Experts in the design, implementation and setup of luxury homes and businesses across Europe, CREATIVS shares their knowledge and expertise with people eager to explore the worlds of color, texture, lighting and design. Upcoming workshops and courses (all given in English) include:








"Amazing professionals, amazing spirit, amazing location - Creativity Meets Style. Design By You leads you through an extraordinary experience on how interior design reflects your personality. Professional guidance and systematic approach to interior design  for your own needs. The class is fantastic - go for it" N.Hendro  – Course Participant  More information at

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  • Hello Alejandra,\r\nhad you any answer?? Because I’m looking for the same and I can’t find nothing 🙁 I give you my email and if you want we can keep in touch.\r\n\r\nThanks.\r\n\r\nMariona

  • I would like to know more about the course, where is it? When? How much it cost? What do i need to bring? I looked in the website for a telephone but is not working the site, is no giving information.\r\nThanks

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