Get Healthy Recipes And Ingredients Delivered To Your Home!

by Zurich Expats on August 6, 2014


Get Healthy Recipes And Ingredients Delivered To Your Home!

At Zurich Expats, we love ideas and services that save time. We were recently contacted by Marko and Isabella Vidmar who run such a service and it is called Vidis Kochtüte. The idea is this. Every week, they publish on their website a list of meals for the following two weeks. You can then order the ingredients for the meals to be delivered direct to your door, along with the recipes (including their own step by step photos) to make them.Ingredients are organic, locally sourced and portioned so you do not have to deal with waste and the recipes cover a range of cuisines.We asked Marko a few questions about the service.Tell our audence about yourself, what is your background?I’m 32 years old, married (expecting our first baby) and I live with my wife Isabella in Zürich. I worked for 7 years as a sales manager in the health industry (orthopaedics/surgery). We distributed mobility-aids to hospitals and doctors. After this job I went to the real estate business, which I didn’t like. Within this job I had the idea with Vidis Kochtüte.What is the concept behind the Food Service?The business model was founded in sweden and became very popular and successful since 2007. The idea was born because moms & dads in sweden work almost full-time and didn’t have much time (were not motivated) to do grocery shopping after a hard day, beside taking over the kids from the crib. So they ended up cooking the same easy things over and over and didn’t follow a healthy nutrition.vidis1With our food service we create varied recipes every week and deliver them together with organic ingredients (packed to the size needed) to

our customers home or Zurich city offices. The bags are delivered on each monday and are available for 2 or 4 servings with 3 or 5 recipes for the weekly dinners, except some basics like salt, pepper, oil etc. The meals must be easy to prepare and finished within 20-35 min. The nutritional value will not exceed 550 kcal per person. At the end of august 2014 we will offer a new bag with „paleo lifestyle recipes“. This way of eating conviced us, because it’s based on natural ingredients, is healthy for body & soul, prevents diseases and is 100% gluten- and lactose-free.How do you think the service specifically helps our Expat audience?My experience is that most of the expats traditionally cook for dinner. After a certain time people start to cook things over and over. That’s the point where you want to have more variety on your plate. On the other hand expats come to Switzerland to work and must be very busy. So they don’t have much time to think about new recipes and where to buy the best ingredients. As an ex-busy-manager I know how it is when you stand in front of an empty fridge, but you actually wanna eat healthy. So this is where I like to help people by introducing my cooking revolution. Our recipes are all written in german and english, so it’s also a kind of language school *smile“.vidis2How do you source your foods? Do you have a particular ethos such as supporting local producers, preferring organic foods, etc?This is a subject I REALLY care about. I think our community is starting to care more and more about food which makes me confident. With our service we use almost everything in organic quality. Because usinglocal and seasonal foods which are grown naturally without using pesticides, have so much influence on our health and environment. We grant the best for our body, support the local economy/farming, prevent diseases and reduce the CO2 emission. I know it’s always a matter of price, but BIO is not too expensive, the conventional products are too cheap. So we need to rethink! I found a very nice quote on that recently:

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

What are your plans for the next year or so?I don’t like to make fixed plans, because then we are getting to unflexible. We are still at a stage where it’s difficult to tell where our journey goes. We optimize a lot and I’m always opened to new sustainable food trends. Eating is a very individual subject and we always listen to our customers needs and try to help wherever we can. I’m very excited how our company is developing.Finally, can you give us something that you consider a secret Zürich tip? Hmmm, as I'm a passionate entrepreneur I spend a lot of time for my business. I don't remember any secret things I've done here and I'm not from Zurich. I know something in Schwyz (where I was raised) which will blow you away. Start hiking with flash lights or head lights in the morning at 4 o'clock from Ibergeregg to the large Mythen (1900m height), to watch the sunrise and drink a "kafi-schnaps" in the small restaurant afterwards. It's about a 1.5 hour walk, so check the sunrise-time so you don't miss. Choose a sunny day and don't forget to take warm clothes and power-snacks with you. Many thanks to Marko for his answers. You can find out more at Vidis Kochtüte.

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