The EXPOVINA is in it's second weekend and many are making their second rounds of Switzerland's largest wine exhibition. Use the exhibition to try wines and learn something new about them. Here are a few tips to save you money, patience and possibly face.

1. Have an idea of what you'd like to taste. There are many ways to do this: white / red / sparkling - wines from certain countries - specific grape varietals.

2. Know your budget. Use this exhibition as a way of discovering new wines that you may actually buy to have at home. Better than buying surprise bottles in a shop.

3. Take notes and compare before you buy.

4. While you are not obligated to buy at any

stand, be respectful and if you are not planning to buy from there do not spend too much time at the stand. a general rule of thumb is to try up to 4 at a stand then move on, unless you are intent on buying.

5. Do not let yourself get talked into buying wines you do not like, really want or cannot really afford. I bought a case of wine one year that I did not really want and I can hardly drink it because.

6. Go with friends who have a similar taste. This is great if you find that gem of a wine and it's at a price point that is higher than what you usually buy. So insteadof buying a 6er pack of Brunello at 50 CHF a bottle for yourself each of you buy two bottles.

7. You're a potential customer and demand respect. If you feel that a sales person isn't treating you with do respect, politely tell them that.

8. Go during the afternoon as there are less people, the sales agents are friendlier and you can learn more.

9. Allow sales agents to guide you through their wines but help them recommend wines that you will probably like.

10. Taste and learn.

The EXPOVINA is a great event for wine lovers and those wanting to learn more about wine. Take the opportunity to find a few gems for yourself, while having fun and meeting new people.

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