Curious About Courses?

What are you curious about? Have you ever found yourself going to work, going home, going to work, going home and repeating this pattern? That's where Selina Man Karlsson found herself a few years ago and when her job situation changed, she realised she didn't have much else besides work and that's when she started being curious about life again. A whole new world appeared... Back in 2010, Selina set up Curious Courses which offers short taster courses to spark and feed your curiosity, giving people the opportunity to try different and new things. Over the past years, there's been quite a variety of topics including photography, wine, meditation, cheese and writing courses to name a few. The idea is

to try something out in an evening to see if it is something for you and if it is, you can pursue it further and if it isn't, then you have had a nice night out, no harm done :-) She's learnt that there's something out there for everyone, whether you want to try something creative, want to improve your cooking or experience a new sport or an unusual hobby, there's so many great possibilities out there, you just need to have a go. She's noticed that the more curious we become, the more open minded we also become and life takes on a new shine. There are typically 2 - 3 Curious Courses per month with upcoming courses includingBe your own boss, Ready Set Write, Access your confidence, Life Purpose Creation and more. On the 8th June in Zurich Seefeld, there's a very special event; our first CURIOUS COURSES DAY! There will be a keynote speaker followed by 18 different topics under the themes Create, Grow, Care, Move, Taste and Discover. Each of the short courses will be 50 mins long and participants can choose up to 6 to attend. All participants will receive special offers from the speakers as well. It's going to be a day of Discovery and exploration! Visit the Curious Courses website for more details Selina can be contacted on if you have any questions.

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