Compare The Cost Of Living In Zurich With Other Cities

by Zurich Expats on August 13, 2010


Compare The Cost Of Living In Zurich With Other Cities

We were told about a new website that offers a new twist on the common requirement of comparing the cost of living in one city with that in another. Expatistan offers a simple way of making this comparison, and its community-driven updates should ensure that it remains relevant and up to date. Just enter the two cities into the form on the home page

This query gave us

the following:

Drilling down on the Food data:

The green figures basically mean that these items are cheaper in London than they are in Zurich, which is no surprise. However, it is odd that the high cost of transport in London skews the figures so dramatically. The result is that it gives the cost of living in Londonas being 5% higher in London despite almost every other category being markedly higher in Zurich. Users can submit the cost of certain items in a city to keep things up to date. These are quite specific, such as a liter of milk or a bus journey in the central zone. If you are thinking of moving to Zurich, or would like to keep an eye on the cost of things elsewhere, Expatistan is a useful tool.

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