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Watch Films In Their Original Language In Zurich

As a child, one of my fondest memories were trips to what was then the Disney Cinema in St Martins Lane, London, to see classic Disney movies on the big screen.The Jungle Book was the first movie I saw in a real theatre, but for kids today, the choice is a bit more limited.For kids in Zürich whose native language is not German, the option to watch movies in a real cinema is even more remote.But a new initiative from the Filmpodium in Zurich seeks to change this, by showing kids’ movies in their native languages, with German subtitles.The first screening, on Sunday, April 4th at 15:00, will be Shrek at Filmpodium, Zürich: I spoke to Laura Walde, in charge of social media, to find out more about the screenings.How did this initiative, to show kids’ movies in the original language, begin? Filmpodium, a cinema run by the Mayor of Zurich’s Office of Cultural Affairs, is a major contributor to this city’s fantastic range of cultural activities. We show around 350 films per year – all in their original language. Of course, our whole team shares a passion for movies, and for all of us it began at a tender age. It is one of our main concerns to foster and nurture the cinema experience, and this experience should be open to everybody. It is with increasing concern that we have watched the gradual shift in Switzerland – even in such an international city as Zurich – towards dubbed versions of English or American movies. It isn’t just that dubbed versions lose some of the films’ funniest jokes and most moving moments, as well as the voices of the original actors. It also means that many people living in our city cannot share this wonderful experience of watching a film together in a theater with their children. We feel that it’s part of our job to keep cinema alive for everybody.What are the plans for this initiative? Do you expect it to be ongoing?Filmpodium screens children’s films regularly every Saturday at 3 pm. For our Swiss audience, we have to show a dubbed version, as young children cannot be expected to read subtitles. In April, we will be screening the classic DreamWorks animated film Shrek, and as we all admire Mike Myers’ and Eddie Murphy’s work in this movie, we got the idea to schedule an additional screening in the original language. And that got us thinking: Why not make it a regular feature? We will henceforth try to offer at least one screening of the original version of a kids’ film whenever it makes sense (with a Swedish film, for example, there won’t be enough interest in an original version with German subtitles). So it’s meant to be ongoing and it’s supposed to become a regular feature – but this, of course, will depend on how these screenings are received by the audience. How can we buy tickets for the screenings?That’s easy: just go to Filmpodium website (, click on the tab “Kinderkino”, select the movie, and click on “TICKET” to make a booking. Or call us on 044 211 66 66, our whole staff is fluent in English and happy to help.For children under the age of 12, admission is 9 francs. For adults it’s 18 francs (but if you’re a film buff, consider treating yourself to one of our passes that allow you to buy tickets at half price – or even to get in “for free”).

Family Event – 30% Discount at Kids Design Thalwil

Our good friends at Kids Design & Snuggles Shoes are hosting a fantastic Family Day in Thalwil on Saturday 29th November. For Clarks kids shoes, Lelli Kelly, Tip Toey Joey and Startrite kids shoes, Zurich Expats know the place to go is the Snuggles concession at Kids Design for the latest range.  The Kids Design store features beautiful children’s furniture & interior accessories, as well as latest fashions and designer children’s clothing, everything from Babies through Toddlers to Juniors. This Saturday (29th November) browse the Christmas & Winter range and enjoy a 30% discount on goods throughout the Kids Design store including the Snuggles range of children’s shoes. Activities for the children include; arts & craft table, Photo Booth with on-site hair stylists, visit from Santa in the afternoon and many more surprises. Special guests include Micro scooters, Kids Delights, Personal Trainer Cindy, QuickieBox Fotobox with on site kids hairstylists, plus, Celebrity Bachelor Rafael Beutl will be handing out red roses to you all. Pop along for a great 30% discount on your Christmas shopping and enjoy a pre Christmas Apero with Celebrity Bachelor Rafael Beutl. KidsDesign AlteLandstrasse 156, Thalwil 8800

Stickers And Labels For Kids – StickerKid!

We are happy to present StickerKid to you – the leading brand in Switzerland for high quality, personalized name labels for children. The second good news: made a special deal with StickerKid just for you! All clients get a special 30% discount off all StickerKid products until the end of May 2014.Founded 10 years ago, StickerKid has built up a strong reputation in the region for providing durable, 100% Swiss-made name labels, which help to identify children’s clothes, shoes, toys and other belongings that are all too easily lost in playgrounds, at kindergarten, at school or in summer camps.  What makes the personalized stickers unique is, besides the excellent Swiss quality, the wide range of options you can choose from. You are able to add the text you want, you can select between a variety of colors, logos, shapes and you can even upload photos and logos yourself to make the labels even more unique. Guaranteed for 10 years, StickerKid’s labels withstand extreme outdoor temperatures, including hot summer days at the beach as well as cold wintry weather. They are scratch resistant, so that sand or other outdoor activities of your little heroes do not harm the labels. Not only resistant to sport or outdoor activities, they also withstand the rigors of the dishwasher, microwave or freezer. StickerKid’s iron-on labels have been created to withstand 45 rounds of washing at high temperature (up to 60°), but can also be removed without harming the fabric should you wish to pass on the clothes to another child.Stickerkid-medium sticker-bagDoerthe and Chris, the new owners of StickerKid explain the history of the company to us: ”StickerKid was founded by Mark, a good friend of ours, who saw the need for personalized labels with his own kids. His sons were little ‘magicians’ who managed to lose all their toys, some clothes and even shoes. As lost items added up, so did the frustration of re-buying things (not to mention the stress when a favourite cuddly toy went missing). Michael, a brilliant engineer and computer expert joined the team and together they developed StickerKid, the technology and processes behind our products.” Chris continued, “The technology and quality of our StickerKid stickers and labels is really unique. The team has spent 7 years to identify the right materials, define and optimize the production process and test the quality of the products over years in any possible condition. But the time spent perfecting the products have been worth it. Our StickerKid labels are now a favourite choice amongst Swiss parents looking for a long-lasting solution to marking their children’s clothes and belongings!” StickerKid offers a range of products to suit all eventualities. Next to the classic starter-sets, the back-to-school- sets or the stickers for shoes or the iron-on stickers they also provide bracelets. You can mention all important information as allergies, emergency-contacts, etc. on them. New this year, are StickerKid’s photo stickers, which can be personalized with a photo of your child. You can easily upload a photo, or a logo, via the StickerKid website. Fabulous to make your labels even more personal and unique. This personalized photo stickers help to ensure toys, school and sport equipment to be returned safely to you from e.g. playground, school or sleep-overs. Whilst many of you may already have used StickerKid’s labels in the past, the chances are that you will have not placed any orders through the company’s new owners.

So to introduce themselves to our clients, Chris and Doerthe are offering clients a special 30% discount off any orders made before the end of June 2014. Just use the special code “Zurichexpats_2014” when placing your order on their website. The offer is valid for all orders made in Switzerland.

The Accident by Chris Pavone

When Chris Pavone’s first novel The Expats was published in March 2012, it quickly became one of the most talked about debuts of the year. The incredibly twisty and sophisticated narrative received high praise from John Grisham, Olen Steinhauer, and Patricia Cornwell, reviews that drew comparisons to John Le Carre and Graham Greene, was optioned for film, sold in 18 countries, debuted on the New York Times bestseller list, and won both the Edgar and Anthony Awards for Best First Novel. Now in THE ACCIDENT, Pavone has done it again. From New York City and Los Angeles to Zurich and Copenhagen, he has penned a masterful thriller that has all the hallmarks that excited booksellers, bloggers, reviewers and readers when he debuted his first novel: the methodical ratcheting up of suspense and high-end elegance that hooked thriller fans and literary readers alike; the realistic characters with rich inner lives; the exoticism of Europe; and layers of secrets that plague all involved. In New York, in the early dawn hours, literary agent Isabel Reed is reading frantically, turning the pages breathlessly. The manuscript—printed out, hand-delivered and anonymous—is full of shocking revelations that could bring down one of the most powerful men in the world, and initiate a tremendous scandal implicating multiple American presidents and CIA directors. This is what Isabel has been waiting for: a book that will help her move on from a painful past, a book that could reinvigorate her career . . . a book that will change the world. In Copenhagen, CIA agent Hayden Gray has been steadfastly monitoring the dangers that abound in Europe. His latest task is to track a manuscript—the same manuscript that Isabel is reading. As he ensures that The Accident remains unpublished, he’s drawn into an elite circle where politics, media, and business collide. On the one hand, the powerful mogul who has unlimited resources to get what he wants. On the other, a group of book professionals—an eager assistant, a flailing editor, an ambitious rights director, and a desperate publisher—who all see their separate salvations in this project. And in between, the author himself, hiding behind shadowy anonymity in what he hopes is safe, quiet Zurich. In this tangled web, no one knows who holds all the cards, and the stakes couldn’t be higher: an empire could crumble, careers could be launched or ruined, secrets could be unearthed, and innocent people could—and do—die. Layered with suspense and populated by exciting new characters, THE ACCIDENT is gripping, sophisticated, and impossible to put down.

Snuggles – Children’s Shoes & Accessories

Shopping for Children’s shoes in Zurich can be a thankless task so we were delighted to discover Zurich’s exclusive stockist of Start-rite and Clarks Children’s shoes, Snuggles. The Snuggles website has a great selection of Children’s shoes, in a range of sizes, halfsizes and width fittings from Children’s shoe brand favorites; Clarks, Start-rite, Tip-Toey Joey and Lelli Kelly.  Stock is regularly updated throughout the season and items can be purchased online for delivery throughout Switzerland.  Selling fast this month are the Children’s Wellies with fleece lining and the Children’s Winter Boots. Snuggles is the brainchild of expat entrepreneur Nicola Fylan-Hutchinson.  With a background in Change Management, Nicola worked internationally before settling with her family in Zurich.  On the backstory of Snuggles, Nicola told us, “I couldn’t find anywhere decent in Zurich to have my Children’s feet measured properly, I wanted good personal service and quality brands I knew and trusted.  When I couldn’t find any of this in Zurich, I talked it over with my husband and children and we decided, as a family, to set up our own ‘one stop shop’.  At Snuggles, we are passionate about providing Children with correctly fitted, quality shoes from baby pram shoes all the way through early walking and every stage of childhood.  Their little bones are still developing and need robust support, this is why we stock the market leaders in Children’s shoes.  All our styles are available through our website plus we offer a personalised measuring service at our concession outlet in ‘4 Times Kids Boutique’ located in Hirzel.” In addition to Children’s shoes, check out the great range of Children’s accessories, including Zurich’s only supply of GroCompany products.  Zurich Expats particularly loves the 2.5 tog GroBag for snuggly winter nights and the GroAnywhere blind which has been our life saver on many trips. Snuggles are joining forces with Friendtex this Saturday 28th September to host a fashion and shoe Apéro event where you can meet Nicola and receive a personalised fitting for your Children’s feet.  For further details visit the Snuggles facebook page. Website: Facebook: Email:

Childhood Trilingualism Lecture In Zurich

One of the most impressive attributes the Swiss possess is the ability to switch between more than one language so easily. Certainly those who work in international companies take for granted that they can sometimes hear colleagues talk two, three or more languages in a working day with no problem in switching. Dr. Sarah Chevalier will be holding a lecture on the subject of Early Childhood Trilingualism at the University of Zurich on Monday September 16th at 17:00. The lecture is also relevant to parents looking to rise bilingual children. More information is available from the attached flyer.

Time Poor And Need Help? Try Jacando!

Need help? Why not Jacando!Many of us who moved to Switzerland or relocated anywhere else in the world are starting a life in a new environment, where we need to settle a new routine and adopt new life.You are lucky if you speak German, if you come from Western Europe, if you already have friends or relatives who help you to integrate into the Swiss society. Most of us are left dealing with the life arrangements all by our self. Every expat mummy at one point of this chaotic process faces similar questions: where do I find a nanny for tonight, when I go to the cinema? How do I help my kids to improve their German, where do I find a piano tutor or how to start the birthday party planning? If you are a single professional lady, then surely at one point you decide to redesign your apartment, what normally happens? You are left with already unwrapped closet and the instructions, thinking what are you going to do with all these little screws?  What if you leave on short notice, but you did not find any trusted hands for your pet? Are you a businessman who desperately needs help with groceries, shirt ironing, and household, because you just cannot find a free time between over planned working days and fun planned weekends. Does that sound familiar for you, too? What can you actually do in this situation? You can ask your friend or working colleague to share their Putzfrau with you, maybe they will agree. You can go online and search using Google translator, identifying some key words, and maybe you will succeed. You can call an agency who would charge you fees and send the first available person to you. In the end, it all will cost money and valuable time. Is that really so sad looking? Hold on for a moment… For a couple of years there have been solutions for your problems – there are online platforms that can help you to find any service person for all needs possible. TASKRABBIT TaskRabbit is an American online marketplace, where users name the task that needs to be completed, and they also name the price they are willing to pay. The information goes through the network to the available “TaskRabbit” in the appropriate region, who helps the user to complete the job.. FIVERR  Fiverr is another online marketplace based in the US. They offer services for users for a starting price of $5 per job.

The company has a whole range of services, and they are famous for offering ridiculous and eccentric services such as “to receive travel tips for visiting Paris” or “post 500 likes on your facebook page”. But we are not in the US, what is left for us? JACANDO Jacando is a start-up company based in Switzerland, who started in 2012, and is a fast growing business. Jacando offers a market place for social mini-jobs for every need, taste, and requirement. User-friendly trilingual menu leads you through the required registration process. Every user can place an offer with an expectation on the price for the services. Every time somebody applies for a job, the job sponsor receives a confirmation email. Through the transparent review and rating system the sponsor can choose his favorite candidate and immediately after completing the selection process, he receives the contact details of his jobber. This easy system allows the sponsor to find the best person within a couple of hours and satisfy both sides. An online marketplace is maybe not for everyone, but it is worth trying it. Even if you are not a mum, professional lady or businessman, there are most certainly some daily tasks that you would like to be done without your participation. Why do not try it out now!