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Food Review – Makoto Sushi, Zurich

When the office cafeteria was closed for Knabenschiessen, a few of us took the opportunity to enjoy some sushi from a restaurant near the office. Makoto is in a slightly strange location, housed in a building mainly occupied by a printing company as well as a web design firm. Inside is pretty cosy, with space for around 20 diners but when we went in, the place was almost full.

Makoto Sushi Zurich

Straight away you see the sushi chef working away in full view of everyone so it is clear that this is not an operation based around unwrapping anything prepackaged. Everything is prepared fresh. I apologise if I repeat myself about the size of the restaurant, but for its small stature, the quality of the sushi served at Makoto is absolutely fantastic.They have a wide and varied menu including Japanese staples like miso soup and a great range of fish, vegetable and rice sushi.I went for the Executive menu which gave me a miso soup (or salad), 2 Nigiri, 4 Sashimi, 4 Maki and 4 Inside Out for 32.50 CHF.

I took a Coke Zero to drink. Perhaps not the traditional Japanese choice to accompany sushi but it was served how it should be – from a chilled glass bottle, with ice. It’s a small detail but this is the thing about Makoto. Everything is as it should be.The miso soup was great, nice fresh greens amid a nicely flavoured broth with pieces of tofu. When my platter came, the first thing I noticed was that the wasabi paste and pickled ginger were beautifully fresh. The wasabi gave a great initial kick then settled down while the ginger was not affected by any kind of plastic aftertaste. It left the palate clean and gave that nice clarifying sensation. The presentation was simple with the different types of sushi presented separately on a large white plate with a simple dressing. The taste was a revelation, every mouthful was a delight. No fishy taste, no overly strong flavours. Just delicious, clean-tasting sushi. I was especially impressed by the warm Inside Out which I had never had before. It was delicious and stayed warm throughout my meal. There is nothing pretentious about Makoto. What they save on rent goes towards better quality ingredients. It seems an honest business and I consider it a real find. Highly Recommended.

Where To Watch English Premier League Football In Zurich

This is not an exhaustive comparison of all places to watch football in Zurich but it does represent a straight shootout between the two heavyweights just off Bahnhofstrasse – The Lion Pub and The Nelson Pub. Firstly, let’s compare websites. A quick Google search for “watch premier league football zurich” doesn’t bring up any useful results so both these places could do with a little Search Engine work. The Lion Pub in Zurich is owned by Candrian Catering who, along with Bindella, seem to own almost every food outlet in the city! Their website at is a mini site within the Group website. It does have menus but at the time of writing, the sports timetable on the website is a little out of date although a couple of weeks ago it was, of course, current. The Nelson Pub Zurich website – offers a good amount of information about the pub, in German, but the sports timetable is very detailed and allows you to do some decent planning if you are meeting up with friends. In terms of ambience, the two venues offer very different experiences.The Nelson Pub Zurich makes a huge effort to create and maintain an authentic English pub atmosphere. As a result it is pretty dark and a bit enclosed. The choice of screens is excellent though, with three large screens and a couple of smaller TV screens showing different matches. On a Saturday afternoon it is quite awesome watching almost the full English Premier League being played out in front of you. As a result of the games on offer, it does get busy but although there is a mix of fans from all over the world supporting different teams, I have never seen or sensed any unpleasantness.They also offer a decent range of food and beers, all served by fluent English-speaking staff. There are always events going on, although it is a bit strange when the disco starts immediately at the end of an evening match. No doubt, the Nelson Pub is a great place to watch English football in Zurich. The Lion Pub offers a slightly different atmosphere, more reminiscent of a Wetherspoons pub in the UK. Not quite as claustrophobic as the Nelson Pub, it never seems to get quite as busy. I think it would be fair to say that The Lion Pub is more of a pub with a couple of large TV screens at each end for the football, rather than a more dedicated football venue like The Nelson. They offer a good range of beers and decent food, albeit very pricey. For example, you can order a grilled fillet of Irish beef with fries and veg for (currently) 60 Swiss Francs. That’s £40 at current rates for what is still a steak and chips in a pub. The staff in The Lion are good, with a table service on offer as well as some seats outside for those not so interested in the sports. The two venues are good in their own way. If you have a few mates coming over and you want to catch a few games then I would suggest The Nelson Pub Zurich for watching English football. For a few drinks not so concentrated on watching sports, I would recommend The Lion Pub The Lion Pub\r\nOetenbachgasse 24 8001 Zürich Open Monday to Thursday 11.00 to 00.00, Friday and Saturday 11.00 to 01.00. Closed on Sundays. The Nelson Pub Beatengasse 118001 Zürich Open Monday to Wednesday 11:30 to 02:00, Thursday – 11:30 to 03:00, Friday – 11:30 to 04:30, Saturday – 15:00 to 04:30, Sunday – 15:00 to 02:00 

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