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Childhood Trilingualism Lecture In Zurich

One of the most impressive attributes the Swiss possess is the ability to switch between more than one language so easily. Certainly those who work in international companies take for granted that they can sometimes hear colleagues talk two, three or more languages in a working day with no problem in switching. Dr. Sarah Chevalier will be holding a lecture on the subject of Early Childhood Trilingualism at the University of Zurich on Monday September 16th at 17:00. The lecture is also relevant to parents looking to rise bilingual children. More information is available from the attached flyer.

Time Poor And Need Help? Try Jacando!

Need help? Why not Jacando!Many of us who moved to Switzerland or relocated anywhere else in the world are starting a life in a new environment, where we need to settle a new routine and adopt new life.You are lucky if you speak German, if you come from Western Europe, if you already have friends or relatives who help you to integrate into the Swiss society. Most of us are left dealing with the life arrangements all by our self. Every expat mummy at one point of this chaotic process faces similar questions: where do I find a nanny for tonight, when I go to the cinema? How do I help my kids to improve their German, where do I find a piano tutor or how to start the birthday party planning? If you are a single professional lady, then surely at one point you decide to redesign your apartment, what normally happens? You are left with already unwrapped closet and the instructions, thinking what are you going to do with all these little screws?  What if you leave on short notice, but you did not find any trusted hands for your pet? Are you a businessman who desperately needs help with groceries, shirt ironing, and household, because you just cannot find a free time between over planned working days and fun planned weekends. Does that sound familiar for you, too? What can you actually do in this situation? You can ask your friend or working colleague to share their Putzfrau with you, maybe they will agree. You can go online and search using Google translator, identifying some key words, and maybe you will succeed. You can call an agency who would charge you fees and send the first available person to you. In the end, it all will cost money and valuable time. Is that really so sad looking? Hold on for a moment… For a couple of years there have been solutions for your problems – there are online platforms that can help you to find any service person for all needs possible. TASKRABBIT TaskRabbit is an American online marketplace, where users name the task that needs to be completed, and they also name the price they are willing to pay. The information goes through the network to the available “TaskRabbit” in the appropriate region, who helps the user to complete the job.. FIVERR  Fiverr is another online marketplace based in the US. They offer services for users for a starting price of $5 per job.

The company has a whole range of services, and they are famous for offering ridiculous and eccentric services such as “to receive travel tips for visiting Paris” or “post 500 likes on your facebook page”. But we are not in the US, what is left for us? JACANDO Jacando is a start-up company based in Switzerland, who started in 2012, and is a fast growing business. Jacando offers a market place for social mini-jobs for every need, taste, and requirement. User-friendly trilingual menu leads you through the required registration process. Every user can place an offer with an expectation on the price for the services. Every time somebody applies for a job, the job sponsor receives a confirmation email. Through the transparent review and rating system the sponsor can choose his favorite candidate and immediately after completing the selection process, he receives the contact details of his jobber. This easy system allows the sponsor to find the best person within a couple of hours and satisfy both sides. An online marketplace is maybe not for everyone, but it is worth trying it. Even if you are not a mum, professional lady or businessman, there are most certainly some daily tasks that you would like to be done without your participation. Why do not try it out now!

Baby Showers At The Hotel Eden Au Lac In Zurich

Although baby showers are more specifically an American pastime, they are gaining in popularity in Europe, especially as the expat communities expand and bring their own traditions with them. If you are planning a baby shower for yourself or a friend, the Hotel Eden au Lac has just launched an offering specifically geared to making sure the celebration is a memorable one. The location itself is beautiful. The minimum number of guests is eight and the Hotel is offering: 


    • Private room with guaranteed exclusiveness especially booked for you, all the options for a baby shower party are given


    • Delicious homemade appetizers (finger sandwiches, cup cakes, scones, english cake, chocolate brownies, pistachio biscuits & muffins)


    • Fresh fruit juices, mineral water, soft drinks, tea and coffee à discrétion


    • 1 glas of prosecco per person


    • Cute decoration and entertaining games (ABC list, what size has Mom’s belly, etc.)


All starting from a very reasonable 49CHF per person. More details can be found in the brochure.

Enjoy Zurifest 2013

Call it Zurifest, Zurifaescht or whatever you please, Zurich’s tri-annual celebration is almost upon us and we present a quick rundown of what is going on and how you can join in the fun. It all kicks off on Friday July 5th at 17:00, with festivities running non-stop until midnight on Sunday the 7th. The highlight will, as always, be the the fireworks displays that take place from 22:30 to 23:00 on the Friday and Saturday. In between is a non-stop festival of fun and activity for all ages, all organised with the usual high standards of Stadt Zurich. Some of the highlights:


    • Mine train along General Guisan-Quai and Mythenquai
    • Night time gongola rides at Sechseläutenplatz
    • Family paradise creche
    • Latin show from Caliente
    • Tightrope walks between cathedral spires
    • High diving shows
    • Car and bike shows

I especially like the fact that Zurich is really committed to a round-the-clock festival so that families and party-goers alike can join in the fun. there is plenty to do for kids and once the little ones reach bedtime, it’s time for night owls to enjoy the Party Mile and market stalls. Tickets for premium seating are available where you can get good seats to watch the fireworks from Mythenquai. Tickets cost 45CHF per seat on the Friday or Saturday. Note that you are not allowed to bring your own food and drink. Our Tipp: Many employers who have offices in and around the Bellevue / Bürkliplatz area open their buildings to allow members of staff and their families to view the fireworks from the roof. It’s worth checking if this is available to you. All info on Zurifest 2013 is available in German from this site.

Curious About Courses?

What are you curious about? Have you ever found yourself going to work, going home, going to work, going home and repeating this pattern? That’s where Selina Man Karlsson found herself a few years ago and when her job situation changed, she realised she didn’t have much else besides work and that’s when she started being curious about life again. A whole new world appeared… Back in 2010, Selina set up Curious Courses which offers short taster courses to spark and feed your curiosity, giving people the opportunity to try different and new things. Over the past years, there’s been quite a variety of topics including photography, wine, meditation, cheese and writing courses to name a few. The idea is to try something out in an evening to see if it is something for you and if it is, you can pursue it further and if it isn’t, then you have had a nice night out, no harm done 🙂 She’s learnt that there’s something out there for everyone, whether you want to try something creative, want to improve your cooking or experience a new sport or an unusual hobby, there’s so many great possibilities out there, you just need to have a go. She’s noticed that the more curious we become, the more open minded we also become and life takes on a new shine. There are typically 2 – 3 Curious Courses per month with upcoming courses including Be your own boss, Ready Set Write, Access your confidence, Life Purpose Creation and more. On the 8th June in Zurich Seefeld, there’s a very special event; our first CURIOUS COURSES DAY! There will be a keynote speaker followed by 18 different topics under the themes Create, Grow, Care, Move, Taste and Discover. Each of the short courses will be 50 mins long and participants can choose up to 6 to attend. All participants will receive special offers from the speakers as well. It’s going to be a day of Discovery and exploration! Visit the Curious Courses website for more details Selina can be contacted on if you have any questions.

Save 20% On Tickets To Swan Lake Reloaded

Tchaikovsky’s «Swan Lake» meets street dance. High culture and entertainment merge together to create an audio-visual synthesis of the arts. «Swan Lake Reloaded» breaks away from traditional ballet and takes the much-loved masterpiece into a new dimension – for the most spectacular dance show of recent times. The production combines the highly demanding choreography of a street dance show with classical elements. «Swan Lake Reloaded» premiered in Stockholm in December 2011 to great acclaim from critics and audiences alike. The show sold out for its entire run in no time, with over 40,000 tickets being snapped up. Now the production’s Swiss premiere is to take place at Zurich’s MAAG Halle venue in April. We are pleased to offer zuirichexpats readers a 20% discount on selected tickets. For further details on the discount, please consult this document. For further information: